Here you should calculate the cost of a mod and read the rules!


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❗ Terms of Service:

By commissioning me you agree to the following:

  • I reserve the right to decline your commission.
  • I accept payments only using PayPal or Payoneer!
  • I am NOT going to work on pirated game/mods/clients
  • I am NOT going to develop cheats/hacks/other malicious mods
  • You can view the current queue HERE.
  • My weaknesses: (what I will most likely NOT do, but I CAN try)
    • Dimensions
    • Biomes
    • Crazy world generation
    • Entitites
  • What I can not do:
    • Sprites (I'm not an artist, if you want/need sprites, commission my friend)
    • Models (same as with the art, commission models from other people)
      • Please let me talk to the modeler in case we're doing something ELSE than json models for items/blocks
    • Buildings (worldgen?)
  • Payment must be done prior to me sending the finished mod file.
  • Curse Forge project:
    I can create the project myself, in this case don't bother about this point
    If you create the project, here are the requirements:
  • We must both agree on a price before I start the development process.
  • In case if you refuse (or just disappear into thin air: either you unfriend me so I can't message, you block me or etc to prevent communication) to pay for the mod after it's done, I am never going to be taking comissions from you ever again. The mod will be either trashed or it will be published for everyone to use/contribute.
  • If you decide to cancel the commission while it's being worked on, I am going to demand partial refund of my time spent on the project. This is going to depend on how much was done. (I am going to calculate completion percentage, show it to you, and you must pay said percentage of the discussed price)
    If you deny the payment, I am never going to be taking commissions from you ever again.
    Optionally, you can have the completed part of the mod handed over (only after partial refund)

💵 Prices:

Before commissioning, PLEASE read Terms of Service!

Final price may be higher/lower than this sheet suggests, this is all discussed as per commission and may heavily vary!

Base price: $
  • Entities: +$/entity
  • Dimensions: +$/dimension
  • Biomes: +$/biome
  • World generation: +$/feature
  • Fluids: +$/fluid
  • Blocks: +$/block
  • Items: +$/item
  • Potion Effects: +$/effect
  • Hard-to-code:

  • Coremodding¹: +$ (yes, it is a complex process that is also very risky)
  • Complex blocks: +$/block (Tile Entities with a rather hard mechanic, this takes a lot of time to code in)
  • Unconventional behaviors: +$/behavior (Things like replacing skins, and other tricky to do things)
  • Extra little things:

  • Extra events: +$/event (For example, event for dropping additional items on death, block break, etc.)
  • Develop WITHOUT HammerLib: +$
Coremods¹ is a part of a mod that is responsible for swapping game's code on startup. For example, to completely override vanilla method's code.

💬 Reviews:


Absolute legend, fast respond time, communicative, and overall a great modder.


It was great collaborating with Zeith on this utility mod! I got exactly what I had envisioned, and am very happy with the result. I'd absolutely recommend commissioning him!


Working with Zeith on this mod was such a pleasure. He's kind, accommodating, full of good ideas and improvements, and most importantly, he delivers. I got not just exactly what I asked for, but exactly what I had in mind, no less. I'm extremely happy with the result, and plan to use this mod in all my future modpacks. Hopefully, other people will feel the same way when they commission him, which they should, because his quality of work is impeccable, and absolutely worth the price.

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